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My name is Sarah Tisdale, and I love to make beautiful things. I especially love Jesus, hammocks, tea time, experimenting with different materials, and daydreaming about stories that I will then hopefully bring to life in some form. 
Sincerely, Sarah Studios started off with the inspiration from the word "sincere". Since I have pursued authenticity in my life, I have been given adventure after adventure; and I have come to realize I am a creator and purveyor of beauty. So this is my attempt to take a risk and put myself out there!
Click on the "writing studio" tab at the top of the page to see my blog fondly called "the playroom".
I hope I get the chance to make something beautiful and special for you. 
Some of my favorite things to paint:
Landscapes. Water. Animals. Weddings. Flowers. Anything that is meaningful to you. 
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